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What Is In The Coaching Resource Kit?

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The Coaching Resource Kit is our special way of turning coaches, consultants, and agency owners who are frustrated because they can't grow their practice is not 6-Figure coaches...

We do this by focusing on these 3 things:

#1: Learn Selling: Sales is not what you think it is. It isn't "used car sales" or icky methods. Sales (at least the way we teach it) is exactly like coaching. That's our model. And it works (without feeling gross)

#2: Use The Right Resources: We show you which resources to use, which ones provide clients, and which ones are just plain scams. Without wasting money on your own FB ads, we keep it simple and do all the heavy lifting so you don't have to. 

#3: Templates Made Easy: Most coaches start part-time as a side hustle which makes it even harder to focus on the things that will really grow your practice. We make this simple. We provide templates, challenge templates, SMS templates, and more to make growing as easy as 1-2-3. 

With the 3 things above, I've personally coached more than 1,300 coaches to grow and scale their practice. 

And that's not all! People who have used the Coaching Resource Kit like ours have gotten over over six-figures countless times. Even my own practice, is over 7-figures in under 4 years.

From The Desk of
Coach Don Markland

Dear Coach,

Are you a dedicated coach, consultant, or part of an agency, pouring your heart and soul into your practice? You're probably all too familiar with the frustrations that can come with the territory. The journey of guiding, mentoring, and supporting others is deeply rewarding, but it's not without its challenges.

One of the biggest roadblocks that so many of us face is the struggle with sales and marketing. It's disheartening to witness your incredible skills and knowledge go unnoticed simply because of difficulties in getting the word out. The reality is, the number one reason coaches face setbacks is often not due to the quality of their coaching, but rather the uphill battle of navigating sales and marketing strategies.

Isn't it frustrating to realize that the success of your practice isn't solely determined by your coaching abilities, but by your proficiency in reaching potential clients effectively? This realization can be demoralizing, leaving you wondering how to overcome this hurdle and truly thrive.

But now, picture this: a solution that can truly revolutionize your practice. The Coaching Resource Kit is here to transform your frustrations into triumphs. This kit is more than just a resource – it's a game-changer. It's packed with meticulously crafted templates, actual SMS templates, emails that resonate, a robust follow-up system, and the incredible Magic Coaching Script. All of these components are thoughtfully designed to empower you to scale your practice without the overwhelming burden of sales and marketing challenges

No more second-guessing, no more uncertain paths. The Coaching Resource Kit is tailored to address your specific pain points and set you on a trajectory of growth and recognition. And the best part? You can access this comprehensive toolkit for a mere $4.95 – a small investment for a substantial transformation.

As I reflect on my own journey, I can't help but wish that I had this kit at the start of my practice. But now, you stand on the threshold of an incredible opportunity. You have the chance to grab hold of the very tools that can reshape your approach and redefine your success.

Don't let frustration be your constant companion. Embrace the Coaching Resource Kit today and let's rewrite the narrative of your practice together.


  • My Actual Script Template Which Makes Selling Coaching EASY

The #1 reason a coach struggles to win more clients is because they think selling is gross and icky. It doesn't have to be. With my script, it makes selling EASY!

  • The Coach's Follow-Up Playbook

Follow-up Takes a TON of work - especially if you don't know what to do! In the resource kit, you'll find the Coach's Follow-Up Playbook which takes all of the guesswork out of closing clients. I show you each step that I take to follow-up on clients so that I can win them easier and plan my days faster. 

  • My EXACT SMS Templates

SMS has a 92% Open Rate. Yes, you read that right. Why do so many people simply want to email once or twice and then forget about your potential client? Use SMS! With my templates, I take all of the struggle away about learning "what to write." You can simply COPY+PASTE and move faster than ever before. 

  • My Technology Insights

Let's face it - there are thousands of companies trying to sell something to coaches. And candidly speaking, 95% of them are a scam. They haven't been a coach. They've never had a practice. They don't know how hard it can be to grow from nothing. That's where we are different. I show you the exact technology we use every day, the agencies to AVOID, and how to get the most out of every dollar you spend. 

When coaching is a side-hustle AND a big dream, you can't afford to waste money on things that don't matter. 




5 out of 5 Stars


Coaches often face a daunting challenge in their journey – the hurdle of sales and marketing. Despite their exceptional coaching abilities, many coaches find themselves struggling to effectively promote their services, resulting in missed opportunities and unfulfilled potential. However, the Coaching Resource Kit offers a definitive solution to this common problem. By providing meticulously crafted templates, real-world SMS templates, impactful emails, a robust follow-up system, and the transformative Magic Coaching Script, this kit empowers coaches to overcome the sales and marketing roadblocks that have hindered their success. With the Coaching Resource Kit, coaches can finally break free from these limitations and unlock the full potential of their practice.


Following a proven and reliable system is paramount when aiming to expand your practice. Doing so not only ensures that you sidestep costly errors but also maximizes your efficiency by saving time and, crucially, an abundance of money. By adhering to a well-established framework, you tap into the accumulated wisdom and experience of those who have already navigated the path you're embarking upon. This means you can focus on implementing strategies that have a track record of success, allowing you to allocate resources more effectively and ultimately achieve your growth objectives with greater confidence.

the magic coaching script

Embracing a scripted approach in sales offers invaluable benefits that transcend the transactional aspect. By adhering to a well-crafted script, you ensure consistency in your interactions, which in turn cultivates a reliable and predictable experience for both you and your clients. This consistency not only boosts your professional image but also bolsters your clients' trust in your expertise and offerings. Moreover, a thoughtfully designed script empowers you to convey your value proposition confidently, ensuring that you deliver the best to your clients without the discomfort of feeling overly pushy or insincere. It's a powerful tool that enables you to strike a balance between authenticity and effective communication, resulting in more meaningful and fruitful relationships with your clients.

20 Challenges pack

Running Challenges is one of the best ways to generate leads. The problem? It takes a ton of work to create the content, automate them, test them out, and make sure it all works. As our BONUS, we include our 20 Challenges Pack which has 20 Done-For-You Challenges to get your practice lead generation started. These include leadership challenges, weight-loss challenges, mindset and goal setting challenges and more. It is as simple as plug-and-play.

Free 1:1 with Don

When you buy the book early, you get a FREE 1:1 with me where we can work personally on your coaching practice NICHE, your lead generation strategy, and exactly how you are selling your services. This is a "no sales zone" so no one is going to try and upsell you into buying more stuff. Just coaching, training, and direction. That's it.

"Don is a coaching ROCKSTAR! "

Mary S. - Real Customer Review

"Highly recommend if you are looking to start and or scale your business!"

Michael M. - Real Customer Review


Get my book and if you aren't 100% satisfied in the first 30-days we will return your money.
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Frequently Asked Questions

What is "The Coaching Resource Kit" all about?

"The Coaching Resource Kit" is a book for coaches, consultants, and agency owners who want to grow their business. It shares a strategy that helped the author build a very successful coaching practice. The book includes helpful things like scripts, email and text message templates, and ways to reach out to people.

Who can benefit from reading this book?

This book is for people who want to make their coaching or consulting business bigger and better. If you're a coach, a consultant, or someone who runs an agency, this book can give you tools to help you do better work and make more money.

What are some of the things I'll learn from this book?

You'll learn a step-by-step plan that the author used to make his coaching business very successful. You'll get examples and templates for emails, text messages, and other ways to talk to your clients. You'll also find out how to make good connections with people so that your business can grow.

Where can I buy "The Coaching Resource Kit"?

Right here, of course! The Coaching Resource Kit is available on our store.

Are there examples and templates that I can use right away in my own business?

Yes! The book has ready-to-use examples and templates that you can change to fit your own business. These tools can make it easier for you to talk to your clients and help them, so you can grow your business faster.

Is this book only for people who already have a big coaching business?

No, this book is for anyone who wants to do better in their coaching or consulting business, no matter how big or small it is now. If you're just starting, the book can help you begin in a strong way. If you already have a business, the book can help you make it even better.

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